Fr. Roman's message

May this Holy Week be filled with many experiences by which we come to know ourselves more fully as God’s beloved and precious people!  The word “holy” is similar to the word “whole”, in the sense of being fulfilled and healthy.  Spiritually, we allow the love of God to bring us to greater wholeness as we come to know ourselves as always loved.  Like Jesus, a major aspect of becoming whole involves deciding by whose will we live by, our own or the will of God.

God’s will for us is exactly the same as it was for Jesus, namely, to reveal the love of God by all ways and means possible.  For all we know, the time between Jesus staying behind in the temple when He was twelve to the time He started the mission of the Father was spent integrating into His consciousness God’s will for Him.  Likewise, it is a lifetime process to see to what degree and with what consistency we integrate into our personality what we determine to be God’s will.  This is not done in isolation; being active members of a vibrant faith community will afford the best possible environment in which to determine what God wants of us.

Therefore, this Holy Week provides a blessed framework for us to walk with Jesus for the last days of His earthly life.  Today, Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ entry into the city of Jerusalem on the last leg of His journey.  Jesus rides on an animal that symbolizes both that His mission was to serve as well as to reflect how He was rich in the blessings of the Father. Both today and Good Friday we reflect on two accounts of Jesus’ arrest, trial, torture and crucifixion.  Jesus shows us that love calls us to be non-violent in the face of any and all violence, entrusting ourselves to the tender care of God. 

On Holy Thursday, we celebrate how fortunate we are to be nourished by the Body and Blood of Jesus that gives us what we need to walk this path of deeply loving others.  We also accept that loving means that we find ways to serve others as our part in transforming our world into a community of Love.

On Good Friday, we celebrate how God’s love empowers us to accept death with a great degree of serenity because we have learned, as Jesus did, that the love of God will raise us to New Life as surely as we believe that God raised Jesus from death to New Life.

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate our belief that God has no interest but to fulfill the promise made at our Baptism. We renew our promises to live out as fully as possible our identity as God’s beloved following the example Jesus gave us during His earthly life.  We renew our full trust in God that we will not be abandoned. We have the utmost hope of transforming our world from fear and violence to love and peace because we allow the love of God dwelling within us to help us do our part individually and as a faith community.  In a similar light, we believe that we will transition from this life to the next and will truly be at peace.   

 ~Fr. Roman