If you are a newcomer to Divine Savior or if you have been here for some period of time, Divine Savior welcomes you.  If you are ready to become involved in the parish community, there are many possibilities for involvement.  Below are a list of several ministries that are in need of help right now. Peruse these items and see if they are things that might interest you.  If not, take a look at the Ministry Brochure shown in a "Getting Involved" link as well as the various ministries listed under "Ministries" and select the area that most appeals to you. 



Want Ads for Ministries at Divine Savior

1)   MinistryChildren’s Day Care for Ages 2-3

Explanation of the project / commitment:  Need someone who will organize a Children’s Day Care for Ages 2-3. We will continue have Faith Formation for children who are ages 4 and older, but parents of children who are younger often ask for child care during Mass. This person would look at how other parishes implement child care and the safety elements that would be required to start a child care. If the ministry is possible, it would start in the summer or in early fall of 2012.

Length or time of commitment: One year

For more information contact:  Sharon Laitinen Phone: 939-7400 x104 Email: Sharon@divinesavior.com

2)    MinistryCatechist or Assistant Catechist for Children’s Faith Formation (K-6) 

Explanation: I have at least two adults in each grade for the Children’s Faith Formation that meets on Sunday mornings before Mass. Both the catechist and the assistant receive orientation on how to use the Catechist Guides and on-going support in teaching a group of 12-17 children. The sessions are Sundays, 8:20-9:20am and 10:20-11:20am. 

Length of Commitment: Sessions start September of 2012 and end May of 2013. A person can also sign-up to be a substitute catechist and be on-call.

For more information contact Sharon Laitinen, Phone: 939-7400 x104 Email: Sharon@divinesavior.com



Explanation of the project / commitment: Connecting those parishioners who are unable to join us in our weekly liturgy by taking Communion to them in their homes or at assisted living facilities.

Length or time of commitment: Most ministers who are assigned to facilities visit once a month on a regular basis (1st week, 2nd week, etc). 3 of the facilities are serviced on Sundays @10:30; 2 are serviced during the week. Ministers who visit parishioners in their homes do so at a time that is convenient to their schedule. Some are ongoing; others are short-term, such as post operative or acute illness. Communion visits or services typically take 20-30 minutes. There are 4 meetings a year, each held on a Saturday morning. Materials are provided to the ministers. There will be a meeting on 2/11 @9:30 in the MP4 room if they want to check us out!!

For more information contactKAREN PAPA   988.8686 or 223.1720 Emailkpapa@mac.com


4)    MinistryVocations Ministry

Explanation of the project/ commitment : Matthew 4:19 Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.) Ideas and creativity are needed to promote a campaign of prayer/projects for the special vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life, for the future of the Catholic Church. We need people to pray for and uplift the vocations of all of the baptized who have committed themselves to the sacrament of marriage and for those living the single life. We are in great need of people who are skilled in bringing our message to children, teens and young adults.

Length or time of commitment: 3-4 meetings per year 

For more information contact: Mona Varno 916-797-0234 Email: monavarno@ymail.com

5)    MinistryMarriage Preparation

Explanation of the project / commitment: We are looking for sponsor couples to walk with engaged couples through the program. See the attached and detailed explanation.

Length or time of commitment: sporadic

For more information contact: Pat & Sue Laskey, 961-7386

6)      Ministry: Social Justice

Explanation of the project / commitment: Come to a committee meeting, next one is April 1. As you listen to reports, see where you are called to participate.

Length or time of commitment: 1.5 hours

For more information contact: Joyce Daniels, 990-0546, joycean@sbcglobal.net

7).  Ministry: Social Justice – Contact fair trade coffee sellers to sell coffee each month after all masses.

Explanation of the project / commitment: There is a list of coffee sellers. Come to the social justice committee meetings six times a year. Call coffee sellers the week before coffee is sold each month to assure that fair trade coffee/chocolate is sold on scheduled Saturday or Sunday.

Length or time of commitment: About 30 minutes each month; about 1.5 hours six times a year to attend the social justice meetings.

For more information contact: Joyce Daniels, 990-0546, joycean@sbcglobal.net


8) Ministry: Social Justice – Foster Youth

Explanation of the project / commitment: Take collected items to the county foster care office twice a year (April and September in 2012).

Length or time of commitment: About 4 hours yearly

For more information contact: Joyce Daniels, 990-0546, joycean@sbcglobal.net


9) Ministry: Respect Life Ministry/ The beginning stages of life.

Explanation of the project / commitment: ( Matthew 25:40   Truly I say to you, as you did to the least of these My brethren, you did to Me.)   Serve as a loving witness to the fundamental truth that every human life is sacred and worth living, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

Our target audience will be the helpless, unborn infants and distressed pregnant women.

Length or time of commitmentBishop Soto asks us to commit annually to Four Activities-one per season. We are a part of the Social Justice Ministry and meet with Joyce Daniels, 4 Meetings per year/ per activity.

For more information contact: Mona Varno 916-797-0234 Email: monavarno@ymail.com









·      What is a sponsor couple?

* Active members of Divine Savior Church willing to guide and support an

    engaged couple

* Good role models / Solid marriage

* Willingness to share their life experiences

·      What is the role of the Sponsor Couple?

 *     Walk with an engaged couple on their journey toward Sacramental Marriage

 *     Shepherd the couple through the Marriage Preparation process

 *     Share their experiences of marriage and family with their engaged couple

 *     Help the couple feel welcome in our parish.

 *     Remind the engaged couple about upcoming events related to the

        marriage preparation process

·      What are the responsibilities of the Sponsor Couple?

*   Call the “Assigned Couple” to setup an Initial Meeting following the

     Orientation Session with one of the priests

*   During the initial meeting review the packet given by the priest

          - emphasize the elements/expectations of MPP

                   + FOCCUS

                   + Engaged Encounter

                   + Workshops

                   + Mass Rituals

          - discuss timeline and events calendar

      - complete the Marriage Preparation Registration Form

*   Contact couple after FOCCUS is completed

*   Write Prayer Letter for couple to be presented during Engaged

     Encounter Weekend

*   Contact couple after Engaged Encounter Activity is completed

*   Contact couple after each of the completed workshops

*   Attend scheduled Mass Rituals/reception with their couple introducing the

     couple to the congregation

*   Compile Events Checklist identifying completed event dates and return it

     to the Marriage Prep Coordinators

     (Pat & Sue Laskey/ patricklaskey@yahoo.com)



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