Dear Parishioners of Divine Savior and our Esteemed Visitors:

We celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.  Jesus identifies Himself as “the living bread”.  He says that His “flesh is true food and His (my) blood is true drink.”  Some of those who were listening to Jesus quarreled among themselves wondering how Jesus could give His flesh to eat.  Like Nicodemus, when Jesus said he needed to be reborn from above and he questioned Jesus about how one re-enters a mother’s womb or when Jesus says He is living water to the Samaritan woman and she asks Jesus to give her this water always so she doesn’t have to keep coming to the well to get water, these people missed the point. 

The point in all three situations is that Jesus is inviting people to see Him as sent from the Father to reveal the love of the Father to them and to invite them to accept the Father’s love and in turn love self, others and God.  Jesus was inviting them in all three situations to allow Him to help them establish intimate relationships with the Father through Jesus.  These folks had drifted far away from the image of God who wanted to be in an interpersonal relationship with His people.  Jesus was bringing God much   too close to them.  They preferred to see that their sacrifices and literal following of the commandments was the way to relate with God.

Our privilege in life is to see to what degree, depth and extent we are willing to let God help us on a continuing basis to take us into His eternal love.  In order for God to be able to do this, God/Jesus are to have first place in our lives.  It means letting go of any kind of false security that we tend to establish for ourselves.  We are called to allow Jesus to remain in us and we in Him.  Imagine the peace we would enjoy as we continue the path of allowing this kind of relationship to develop!

We continue to reflect that since the second we were conceived, the love of God dwelled within us.  We believe that the resurrected Jesus dwells in us.  We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in the depths of our being.  When we share in Holy Communion we are to be very attentive to what we are doing.  We are consciously, actively taking within us the Body and Blood of Christ so that we are renewed by His Presence so that we in turn can be His Presence in our world.  With all that can occupy our time, it is important that we nurture this Presence regularly (weekly).  Our inner being needs to be nourished so that we can have the blessing that comes from communing with Jesus on a weekly basis.

Another very important behavior is to follow the encouragement of Moses in our first reading.  He encouraged the people to reflect on how God freed them from slavery and called them to be His chosen people once they were free and had begun their journey through the desert to the Promised Land.  Like the people in the Gospel, they complained about what they considered an insufficient amount and quality of food.  Moses asks them to remember that God could be trusted to take care of their needs.  God had chosen them to help others come to know, believe in, trust and relate personally with their God.

Fr. Roman Mueller, S.D.S.

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