Director of Liturgy and Music - Caroline Easton - (916) 989-7400

Litury Commission:

 Fr. Roman, Cindy Teresi, Stephen Falcy, John Kornylo, Colleen McCormack, Laraine Beliveau, Michelle Grotemeyer, Caroline Easton, Melanie Dunn, Jim Hartley, Sue Schuttinger, Michael Ochoa, Rachel Teresi.


Feel free to contact Caroline Easton, our parish Director of Liturgy, or any one on the Commission with your ideas.

Liturgy & Music Circle
Coordinate Liturgy & Worship Circle.
Time commitment - One monthly meeting
Contact - Caroline Easton - (916) 989-7400,

Altar Linens Ministry
Wash and iron altar linens.
Time commitment - About six weeks at a time
Contact - Jean Dean (916) 721-1865

Altar Servers Ministry
Assist the Celebrant at Mass.
Time commitment - weekly as scheduled
Contact - Caroline Easton- (916) 989-7400,

Baptismal Garments Ministry
Make garments for Baptisms.
Time commitment - As needed
Contact - Dorothy Page - (916) 988-8461

Environment Ministry
Prepare the church with seasonal decoration for our Liturgies.
Time commitment - Seasonal
Contact - Caroline Easton-  (916) 989-7400,

Eucharistic Ministry
Assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Sunday Mass.
Time commitment - Two masses per month
Contact - Caroline Easton-  (916) 989-7400,

Greeter Ministry
Welcome the parishioners and visitors before each Sunday Liturgy.
Time Commitment - Monthly
Contact - Kathleen Hass, (916) 989-7400,

Guadalupe Group Ministry
Prepare Spanish Liturgies.
Time Commitment - Monthly
Contact - Barbara Marquez,

Hospitality Ministry
Prepare refreshments following Mass.
Time commitment - Monthly
Contact - Sarah Beilgard - (916) 990-0137

Lectors Ministry
Proclaim the Word of God from Scripture at Mass.
Time commitment - One Mass/month
Contact - Caroline Easton-  (916) 989-7400,

Music Ministry
Provide music and song for Liturgy.
Time commitment - Two times per week
Contact - Cindy Teresi - (916) 989-7400,

Rosary Group Ministry
Pray the Rosary, weekly for the needs of the parish and the community.
Time commitment - Thursdays, 6:30pm -7pm
Contact - Hank and Gladys Gonsalves - (916) 988-3259
                 Linda & Duke McAlpine - (916) 961-7082

Tech Team Ministry
Operate the overhead screens.
Time Commitment - One Mass/week
Contact - John Kornylo, - (916) 215-6474

Ushers Ministry
Seat the assembly and gather the Offertory.
Time commitment - One Mass/week
Contact - Caroline Easton - (916) 989-7400,

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