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God speaks to His people directly through His word, in the Bible.  The scriptures come to new life in us each time we hear them.  The Lector is instituted (established, inaugurated) to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, and, in the absence of a deacon, reads the intentions for the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful).  As proclaimers of God’s Word, lectors accept the call to ministry with humble hearts and a passion for scripture.



Once a lector has participated in the formation session, he/she may proclaim the scriptures at any Mass or liturgical service at Divine Savior.  Sometimes, particular skills or gifts are sought for solemn feasts and holy days, and lectors will be especially chosen for these dates.  Otherwise, 2 lectors are assigned to the Sunday Masses by means of the Ministry Scheduler Pro (“MSP”) program.  Lectors must participate in a formation session at a minimum of once every three years.


Lectors also may read the intentions for the Prayer of the Faithful, which are newly prepared each week.  It is important for both lectors to arrive at Mass 20 minutes prior, to receive any special instructions about various rites that may occur and affect the lectors’ duties.  This early arrival also assures the sacristan that the ministers of the liturgy of the word are covered for that Mass.  Early arrival allows the lector time to read through the Prayer of the Faithful, or the Scripture Focus or any other announcement to be made before Mass begins.


For a complete document of procedures and formation guidelines, see the links to the right.



The Director of Liturgy or Lector coordinator will alert lectors of formation sessions or opportunities outside the parish for additional formation.  We hope to solicit volunteers to organize and help lead regular, monthly or seasonal lector gatherings, the purpose of which would be to study scripture and share faith with one another.  If you are interested in helping with this, contact the Director of Liturgy. (see contact information above)



Those who have a love for sacred scripture and who can speak clearly, with a strong and confident presence in front of God’s people, are encouraged to pray about becoming lectors.  Active recruitment is not the norm for this ministry, but may occur from time to time through announcements in the bulletin and at the end of Mass.  Interested people may contact the Director of Liturgy for information and to schedule a time for formation. (see contact information above)


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