The Sacrament of Matrimony (Marriage) celebrates an intimate relationship involving a man, a woman, and Jesus Christ.  It is a sacred covenant that is modeled after the intimate relationship that God has extended to all people from the beginning of creation.  God has revealed that He is the God of all and wants all human beings to commit themselves to living as God’s beloved people.  When two people marry one another, they do so believing that their relationship is the best way for both of them to live as fully as possible as God’s precious people.  Another important aspect of such a marriage relationship is the procreation of children for whom the couple accepts the privilege of forming in the love of God so that they, too, can experience themselves as God’s cherished ones. 


A marriage is a Church community’s celebration; the bride and groom, in front of family and friends and the Church’s minister, proclaim this covenant so that all present can witness and support this covenant for the entire life of the couple.  Divine Savior is committed to preparing couples for a lifetime of committed love, and to supporting their family’s life through formation, liturgy, sacraments, pastoral care, and Christian ministry and service.


The sacramental marriage states that bride and groom enter a covenant that is FREE, FULL, FAITHFUL, AND FRUITFUL:

  • Both understand what the sacrament of Marriage means and implies
  • Both are entering the union free from any fear, without being coerced, and with all aspects of their lives
  • Both are entering into this covenant with the intention of a life-long commitment
  • Both promise to keep their relationship with each other exclusive
  • Both promise to accept children lovingly and promise to form them according to the ways of Jesus Christ according to the Catholic Church

Engaged couples prepare for the sacrament of marriage through a process that usually takes 8-9 months, but no fewer than six months.  They are supported by the parish’s priests, Pastoral Care Minister, a Sponsor Couple, and through the prayers of the entire community.  Couples take the FOCCUS inventory, meet with their sponsor couple for follow up to the inventory, and attend workshops in Finances and Natural Family Planning. The couple will also participate in a Blessing of Engaged Couples, and either an Engaged Encounter weekend retreat OR in the online Marriage Preparation Class.  For more information or to begin the preparation process, please call the parish office, (916) 989-7400.


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