Director of Liturgy and Worship - Elaine Bauer - (916) 989-7400

Altar Linens
Wash and iron altar linens.
Time commitment - About six weeks at a time
Contact - Elaine Bauer 

Altar Servers Ministry
Assist the Celebrant at Mass.
Time commitment - weekly as scheduled
Contact - Elaine Bauer

Prepare the church with seasonal decoration for our Liturgies.
Time commitment - Seasonal
Contact - Elaine Bauer

Greeter Ministry
Welcome the parishioners and visitors before each Sunday Liturgy.
Time Commitment - Monthly
Contact - Kathleen Hass, (916) 989-7400,

Guadalupe Society
Prepare Spanish Liturgies.
Time Commitment - Monthly
Contact - Barbara Marquez,

Hospitality Ministry
Prepare refreshments following Mass.
Time commitment - Monthly
Contact - Sarah Beilgard - (916) 990-0137

Lectors Ministry
Proclaim the Word of God from Scripture at Mass.
Time commitment - One Mass/month
Contact - Elaine Bauer

Music Ministry
Provide music and song for Liturgy.
Time commitment - Two times per week
Contact - Elaine Bauer

Tech Team Ministry
Operate the overhead screens.
Time Commitment - One Mass/week
Contact - Elaine Bauer

Ushers Ministry
Seat the assembly and gather the Offertory.
Time commitment - One Mass/week
Contact - Elaine Bauer