Adult Faith Formation

ADULT FAITH LIFE TEAM- accepts and supports the faith journey of each individual. We encourage the parish to listen to God’s voice through the Divine Savior community, the broader Catholic Church and in all of life where God is revealed. We encourage the parish to reflect and to respond in ways that will bring healing, transformation and unity. We support the various ways to grow in our knowledge of faith and to share the Good News of Christ.  For more information or to offer your ideas, contact

SMALL FAITH GROUPS- Twice a year, the parish is invited to join a small faith group.  Parishioners volunteer to facilitate or host a group that meets in the home or parish campus.  Each group chooses a Catholic study series, spiritual reading materials or a prayer form that meets their needs for 6-8 weeks.  At the end of the sessions, all the groups come together for a pot luck and evening of sharing and reflection. For more information contact

CATHOLICS RETURNING HOME - Our Divine Savior community is excited and ready to welcome and reunite our estranged, alienated and/or inactive Catholic brothers and sisters.  We invite you, or someone you know who has been away from the Church to take another look at the Catholic faith through our Returning Home ministry.  Kathleen Hass facilitates these Thursday evening gatherings.  For more information, contact or the parish office, 989-7400.